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 KDOT Project No. 383-69 KA-2371-03 Norton County | KDOT Project No. 383-74 KA-2372-02 Phillips County 


How We Got Here

This project was initially started under the T-WORKS Program and design plans were approximately 75% complete prior to the project being suspended. At that time the project ran from US-36 in Norton County to K-183 in Phillips County, each county designed as a separate project. After public input, the portions from US-36 to Almena in Norton County and from the bridge over Prairie Dog Creek to K-183 in Phillips County were broken out and are proceeding with construction. (See the Design tab for their schedules.) The project from Almena to Prairie Dog Creek in Norton and Phillips counties is being reevaluated in this study.


The Study Purpose

The existing pavement on K-383 from Almena to the northeast of Long Island has reached its service life requiring heavy pavement preservation or replacement.  K-383 is currently a 24’ wide roadway surface with minimal turf shoulders. KDOT is seeking public comments on the following three alternatives that are being considered for the corridor.

1) Pavement Preservation: Consists of 2-12’ Lanes with 2’ paved shoulders
2) Widening on Existing Alignment: Consists of 2-12’ Lanes with 6’ composite shoulders
3) Offset Alignment:  Consists of 2-12’ Lanes with 6’ composite shoulders

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The illustrations depict the Discovery Phase alternatives being considered for K-383.  The exact location and right-of-way needs for the project have not been determined at this time.  KDOT makes no warranties, guarantees, or representations for the accuracy of this information and assumes no liability for errors or omissions.


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