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Each alternative typical section shows the roadway section that was considered and the impacts on Right-of-Way (R/W). For each of the alignments, Potential Design Elements were considered (See list under the Design tab).

Pavement Preservation Section

Alternative 1: Pavement Preservation

Alternative 1: Pavement Preservation: This alternative is the minimum work required on the corridor to preserve the pavement . This action is a 1” mill with a 4.5” overlay to rehabilitate the existing pavement along with shoulder widening, grading, and ditch improvements. This option is the lowest construction cost. Traffic would be open along the corridor with a flagger and pilot car operation closing one lane of roadway while construction is completed.

000-Widening on Existing.png

Alternative 2: Widening on Existing Alignment

Alternative 2: Widening on Existing Alignment: This alternative is the current pavement reconstruction design along K-383. The goal of this alternative was to do full reconstruction of the existing pavement and widen the shoulders and flatten the sideslopes to meet current design criteria with minimal encroachments on the R.R. R/W. Now that the R.R. R/W has been abandoned, KDOT would be able to purchase a portion of the abandoned R.R. R/W. This alternative still requires R/W south side of K-383. This option is the second most expensive option and would require the roadway to be closed during construction.

Offset Alignment Section

Alternative 3: Offset Alignment

Offset Alignment near drainage

Alternative 3: Offset Alignment near drainage structure

Alternative 3: Offset Alignment: This alternative takes the existing alignment and offsets it about 65 feet northwest. This would allow the roadway to be built while maintaining traffic along existing K-383 except at tie-in locations. This alignment includes a relocation north of Long Island and is the most expensive option. This option will construct new bridges that were recently replaced on the existing alignment. This option would require the purchase of the abandoned railroad R/W, but would also require some additional R/W near drainage structures, north of Long Island, and north of where the railroad turns to the north away from K-383.

The illustrations depict the Discovery Phase alternatives being considered for K-383.  The exact location and right-of-way needs for the project have not been determined at this time.  KDOT makes no warranties, guarantees, or representations for the accuracy of this information and assumes no liability for errors or omissions.


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