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Initial Comments from February through March 2021

Thank you for your comments and participation on the K-383 Almena to Long Island corridor study! 

The project website had more than 800 individuals visit the site, providing 120 comments to help KDOT understand the issues and support for the project.  Key themes of feedback include:

  • Broad support for Alternatives 2 and 3;

  • Corridor safety should be improved;

  • Narrow shoulders should be widened;

  • Heavy truck traffic influences safety;

  • The alternatives can impact adjacent land owners; and

  • There should be a balance between corridor investment cost and improvements to be made.


KDOT is working to understand the trade-offs (benefits and impacts) and costs of the two broadly supported alternatives.  The comments received and the understanding of trade-offs will help to define the improvement strategy for the corridor.  A summary of the comments is posted below.  KDOT will continue to use the website to provide project updates and distribute information as the project progresses.

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