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Alternative 1: Pavement Preservation

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Alternative 2: Widening on Existing Alignment

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Alternative 3: Offset Alignment

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On Alignment through Long Island
In-lieu of relocating north of Long Island, this practical improvement would maintain the existing alignment through Long Island, resulting in lesser impacts to R/W and environmental concerns such as two additional stream crossings. Anticipated that K-383 will be reduced to a single lane temporarily during construction through Long Island with side road closures. Potential Savings - $750,000

On Alignment north east of Long Island
This practical improvement could be used with the  “On Alignment through Long Island” or on its own. This option provides an alternative to the offset alignment, by utilizing the existing alignment to reduce impacts to center pivots on the northest side of K-383. This also takes advantage of using the existing bridge just north of the center pivot. Road Closures would be anticipated for the portion of reconstruction. Potential Savings - $1,500,000

Utilizing Existing Span Bridges
The proposed alignment would follow existing K-383 at the beginning of the project in Norton County and at the end of the project in Phillips County. This utilizes the two existing bridges that were previously replaced by KDOT within the last 20 years. By doing this, KDOT uses previously invested funds instead of replacing structures that do not need to be replaced. Potential Savings - $1,600,000

Key Design Benefits would also be considered in the offset alignment alternative as well.

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